Friday, July 9, 2010

Padron Anniversary Series Cigars

Strip clubs, bachelor parties, anniversaries, and births, these cigars are for you! The Padron Family has some of the largest stocks of premium aged tobacco in the world and the best of those aged tobaccos went into making the 1964 Anniversary Series cigars and Serie 1926 cigars. Ever since their debut years ago they have taken the cigar world by storm, delivering quality in bunches. Several #1 Cigar of the Year awards and several more Top 5 awards by Cigar Aficionado have made these cigars some of the most prized to own and smoke in the world, even beating out many of Cuba's finest cigars. For the great moments in life, no cigar beats the 1964 Anniversary and Serie 1926 cigar lines. I had the luxury of trying these two lines of cigars lately during a friends return to Texas 2 weeks ago. For his return back to Texas, we basically drank ourselves stupid for four days and smoked cigars everyday. The first day of debauchery sent us to the local Spec's Liquor store to pick up several Exclusivos (50x5.5) the 1964 Anniversary Series cigars. If one can afford it, I believe these are the perfect beginners cigars for those that want to start off on the right track of becoming a discernible cigar smoker. Me, personally, I thought the 1964's were too smooth in character, low on the spiceiness, but high on the creaminess factor with cedar and leather notes. The boxed press cigars had a very lengthy aged wrapper that isn't a real beauty to look at, but smokes o' so sweet. Though the smoke billowing out of my mouth was a little thin, the cigar lit super easy, and had a perfect, almost effortless draw. At $13 per cigar its quite pricy and have had many comparable cigars for much cheaper.

But the real star of the Padron cigar line, I believe, is the 1926 Serie line. The day after puffing on the 1964 we decided to one-up the 1964 by purchasing several No.9 (56x5.25) Serie 1926 cigars at $24 a pop! These cigars are the epitome of what cigars should be. They were complex with good amount of spiciness that was not off-putting, raw coffee bean, raw cocoa powder, hint of sweetness, and leather. The smoke was super thick with a creamy texture. Construction was flawless, no plugs at all, draws easy, and lights flawlessly. The only complaint I have from all these cigars is the annoying box press style the Padron company prefers. I personally wish cigar makers would do away with this practice, because the cigar is just awkward to puff on.
All in all, personally, I don't think I would ever buy the 1964 line again, because it was too medium bodied, too smooth, and I prefer full bodied cigars with spice. Luckily the Serie 1926 came to the rescue with the spiciness that I craved. I wonder how much these cigars could improve with more aging inside a humidor.
Ratings: Exclusivo 1964 Anniversary Series= 90-91
No. 9 Serie 1926= 94-95

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