Friday, July 9, 2010

"My Father" Cigars by Don Pepin Garcia

I kicked it last Tuesday at Habana House in Austin once again for several hours to re-up on some "man" time. I had been at work surrounded by women all day for three days straight, and I decided I needed a break from them all. Headed south to Austin, and made a quick trip to grab some provisions, on the way to Habana House, scored me some Sauternes from Twin Liquors and a steak Hybird from Freebirds. I ate the burrito and trekked my way through Ruta Maya Coffeehouse's back door where Habana House resides. Immediately, I put my sauternes on ice inside the cigar lounge and purchased a No. 4 Lancero (38x7.5) by Don Pepin Garcia for approximately $11.

The "My Father" is an ultra-premium cigar created by Don Pepin and his son Jaime. The father-son duo has teamed up to bring the world some bad ass cigars over the years, and the "My Father" line is just another notch in their belt. Constructed in the traditional cuban style with triple cap, a la Don Pepin, the wrapper is a beautiful habano rosado leaf grown in Ecuador.

This is quite a turn for Pepin, because a lot of his cigars are Nicaraguan puros. But this difference is quite the taste maker. The lancero brought hard core spice and pepper one third of the way in, and then turned a complete 180. The cigar then turned superbly nutty, balanced with a hint of sweetness. The cigar was very smooth until it turned up the spice factor again when getting pretty close to the nub. The cigar is full bodied and powerful, giving me quite the buzz when finished. Luckily, at that moment my sauternes had reached its peak frigidness, I popped the cork, and took a few doses of the Bordeaux nectar to get gain my equilibrium.
This was all in time to watch Spain manhandle Germany on their way to the World Cup Championship Finals. Never has soccer been so enjoyable to watch,.....
Rating: No. 4 Lancero "My Father" Don Pepin Garcia= 92-93

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