Sunday, July 11, 2010

2005 Botromagno Primitivo

Need a wine to go with your Thanksgiving turkey, pizza, game dishes, or BBQ? This little wine from Puglia, Italy is what I imagine wine back in the day tasting like. This is straight from the Old World style of wine making. New world wine fans, I imagine, will not like this wine much, so if you are a big Cali and Aussie wine drinker this may not be for you.

2005 Botromagno Primitivo, Primitivo, Puglia
Color: Garnet with a touch of purple.
Nose: Cherry, plum, and black pepper dominate the nose.
Taste: Spicy dark fruit, with a lengthy finish of earth-like tones of leather and wild mushroom. A tinge of wood action on the tail end.
Acidity: >Medium.
Density: Medium bodied.
Finish: Medium 20-25 seconds
Alcohol: 13%
Notes: Good little wine. It was exactly what I expect from a lower priced, quality, italian wine. Not big on the fruit, but balanced with spiciness, and earthiness. Not big on complexity. and
the fruit isn't that expressive, but overall a good everyday drinker. Super with food and heavy dishes. Old world fans will love this one.
Rating: 88 (AG-90) $13.99

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