Monday, September 20, 2010

2007 Bodegas CARO Amancaya

I am a huge fan of the efforts of many of the grand names of the wine world and their introductory wines from the Mendoza, Argentina area. The Amancaya is the intro wine from legendary winemakers Nicolas Catena and Barons de Rothschild. The French are using their expertise to turn the desolate lands of Mendoza into one of the best viticulture areas in the world. Fortunately the prices are still under control despite the popularity malbec based wines have gathered over the last few years. Malbec is experiencing a boom during the downturn in the world economy. Malbec is excellent with Texas BBQ and has become my "go to" wine when in a pinch and need a quality wine for little money. I recommend Malbecs from Michel Rolland, Dolium, Susana Balbo, and Luca. These wines can be had for usually less than $20. Pair with BBQ hanger steak with chimichurri sauce.

2007 Bodegas CARO Amancaya, Cabernet/Malbec, Mendoza
Color: Very dark opaque purple.
Nose: Big nose of stewed dark fruits, licorice, gaminess, and alot of tobacco and leather. Menthol notes are noticed too. A wiff of some alcohol action on the back end. Oaky vanilla comes
through after the wine sat in the glass. Very complex nose of graphite/lead also.
Taste: Stewed, sweet fruit(cassis) carries over from nose. Mid palate is kind of hollow but get hints of plum and wine thins out on me. Green hit of basil and rosemary mixed with a hint of
mint/menthol at the end. Mild alcoholic heat coming from back of the throat. Medium tannins suggest some mild aging potential.
Acidity: Medium high.
Density: Medium bodied.
Finish: Medium finish. 20 seconds+
Alcohol: 14%
Notes: The nose on this wine is very good and very complex. Unfortunately the wine itself is not that complex and falls short of what the nose promises. Solid wine but short on finish and
flavor complexity. Smooth tasting throughout with some good balance and should pair very well with foods especially steak and big meats dishes. I was expecting alot considering the
producers- Nicolas Catena and Barons de Rothschild. If balance is what they were aiming for they achieved it, but if being impressive is what they wanted they didn't. Haven't tasted
the 2006 which supposedly is rated a much better vintage. Structurally it has everything right, just a bad year.
Rating: 88+ (WE-90, WS-90) $17.50

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