Saturday, July 3, 2010

Illusione's in Austin

Last Tuesday, my friend and I (Chris) traveled down to Austin to try and take a dip in Hamilton Pool to escape this Texas "Ball-Sweat" heat. Halfway down to Austin it started to get cloudy, and we found out Hamilton Pool was closed via their phone line. So instead we headed to Salt Lick BBQ, made famous by such shows as "BBQ Showdown" and "Man vs. Food" on the Travel Channel. After a six pack of Shiner and pork ribs, feeling kind of sluggish, me and my friend hauled ass back in town to Austin and decided to hit up my favorites cigar bar, Habana House. I decided to try some new cigars in some different sizes that I don't usually smoke. My fascination with Pepin Garcia cigars led to a very similar built and styled cigar from Illusione (My belief is that Pepin has a hand in these cigars as well) But during our time there, 2:00pm to 8:00pm, me and Chris consumed a lot of Negra Modelo, Mexican coffee, and imbibed in the Illusione Epernay Le Elegance (5.75x40) and Illusione Holy Lance (40x7.5).
Both are made from criollo and corojo tobacco filler, and wrapped with a beautiful cafe colorado wrapper. Both were beauties to look at. I started off with the Epernay Le Elegance, since I was told it was a little lighter than the Holy Lance. The Epernay took me by surprise, this was an incredible cigar! Super smooth; it tasted like a milk chocolate stick with hint of floral components and leather. The Holy Lance was just as incredible, but slightly more stronger,slightly above medium strength. A little more raw coffee bean to the flavor profile of the Holy Lance, but both these sticks tasted like milk chocolate which ended up being super good with some Mexican coffee. The smoke from each was a little thin though, but they did not lack flavor, they lit super easy and burned evenly throughout the entire smoking experience.
Nevertheless, our down and out day without water ended up pretty f***ing good on dry land. It probably helped out a lot that me and my buddy found some really cool people to shoot the shit with while chillin' in the cigar lounge. Habana House is a great place to hang out with interesting, successful, and down-to-earth people. If you are ever in the Austin area I recommend this place with the highest regard, and pick out an Illusione cigar to puff on while your there!
My ratings: Illusione Epernay Le Elegance-93
Illusione Holy Lance-92

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