Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Today's Cigar

Today, after leaving work I felt the need to replenish cigar supplies. I got a full weekend of events with friends this weekend and already know that there will be some cigar smoking going on. So I head down to Tobacco Junction off of West Adams in downtown Temple which just happens to be conveniently located between my work and home. Tobacco Junction is a good cigar retailer considering the clientele and city size. They have no premium brands, but they are stocked to the rafters with mid-priced everyday "smokes." So I grab a few of my usual CAO La Traviata's, a Sublime Serie JJ by Pepin Garcia, and a Oliva Serie V Liga Especial; four decent cigars for $23. I decide to light up the Oliva since I have never had one of their cigars. The cigar immediately lit well with an even ring and had a easy, almost perfect draw to it. First third of the cigar brought good grassy notes, with slight spice that hits in the back of the throat. About midway through the cigar continued to bring the light grass, but then was backed with leather,dark/bitter chocolate, and almost raw coffee bean flavors. I was very surprised by the quality of the roll and flavor profile I got from this $6 cigar. Unfortunately, about midway through I lost the even burn, and shortly afterwards had to put it down due to being overwhelmed by dizziness. I underestimated this cigars potential strength and puffed on it until I almost turned green (should have eaten before smoking!). Also I didn't realize that I had been puffing on this cigar, a double robusto 5" by 54 ring, for almost an entire hour. All in all, I believe this is a super quality per dollar cigar and would recommend it to anybody. My rating: 90-91.

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