Friday, May 28, 2010

Wine Library TV- Laid Back Friday with a Friend and a 1991 Port- Episode #869

Great episode for those people who love fortified wines such as port, sherry, or madeira. If you are a wine drinker, and you don't watch this show on the internet, you should definitely get on the e-mail notification list. Excellent educational show about wines minus the snooty atmosphere.

My personal comments on the show:

When you are cigar smoker like me (2-3 a month), port and other fortified wines become your best friend, because most wines cannot hold up to a cigar. Some can though, like Mollydookers and huge Petite Sirah's. I smoke cigars from Pepin Garcia, Tatuaje, and Padilla, most are all from Nicaragua. Cubans are waaayyyy overrated, and they have lost their quality over the years, and many suffer from plugs in the cigars (Definitely something you don't want in a $15-$30 cuban cigar).
QOTD: I keep Madeira around for me and my friends when we get together to shoot the shit and smoke cigars.

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