Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Paul Garmirian Symphony 20

Paul Garmirian Symphony 20 Limited Edition

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Paul Garmirian Symphony 20 (6x52)
Wrapper: Dominican?
Binder: Habano Seed
Filler: Four different leaves (Unknown Origin)
Price: $16-$17

Walked into Hubbard State Cigar Shop in downtown Chicago and asked for their best cigar. The cigar I was pointed to by the manager of the shop was the Paul Garmirian Symphony 20. Unfortunately not a lot is known about the makeup of this cigar; it seems to be some kind of inside secret between the brains of Paul Garmirian, Henky Kelner, and Eladio Diaz. I looked at the manager with bewilderment as I handed over $16, and immediately thought to myself that if this cigar wasn’t good I would be paying this manager another visit!

Nevertheless, the cigar is beautiful and flawless. A heavy cigar in the hand with a solid feel and wrapped by a gorgeous oily wrapper. It’s really a beauty of a cigar to behold. The band looks like shit though, but I think Paul is all about substance and less about the frills. I didn’t get to smoke it until my birthday back in Texas though. I handed my buddy a Padilla Series ’68 and headed outside with him and lit up.

On the initial draws the cigar gives off a rich concoction of leather backed with spiciness. The spiciness is not bold like in Nicaraguan tobacco but subtle red pepper spice that hits the sides and clings to the back of the throat. This was very interesting flavor. The 2nd third keeps bringing rich leather, nuts, and earth. The cigar has a good draw with a bit of tightness which I like. Last 3rd continued the previous flavors with a hint of sweetness, but I had to stop smoking the cigar at the point where it hit the band. The spiciness that I had been underlying the entire time should have been a hint to the full on smash of nicotine I was feeling. My head was swimming and I started feeling like a guppy in a fishbowl.

This is a seriously strong cigar, full bodied, but is very good. A world away from what I usually smoke, but nonetheless is an excellent cigar to smoke. Only 40,000 made, after they are gone they are gone for good.

Score: 93-94

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