Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2005 Chateau Roland La Garde, Bordeaux, France

2005 Chateau Roland La Garde, Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon, Cotes de Blaye, Bordeaux
Color: Copper tinted garnet red. Non-opaque.
Nose: Aromatic scents of black fruit, pepper spice, tobacco, cedar, and musk. Possibly a hint of asparagus in the back ground or artichoke.
Taste: Very earthy and dry. Plum and sour cherry. All flavors are on the front palate, very bleh on the mid palate and non existent on the back end. Good amounts of tannins, but does not have the fruit to last. Very awkward start and finish. Velvety fruit up front and bitter sharpness at the end.
Acidity: Above medium.
Density: Medium body.
Finish: Short, >15 seconds.
Alcohol: 13.5%
Notes: Been having a lot of disappointments from Bordeaux and this one is from one of the most heralded vintages in history. Not entirely intriguing, but decent table fare. Decent fruit flavors with awkward green
bitterness at the end. I have been tasting a lot of bitterness in a lot of Bordeauxs lately, but many haven't been top notch. Better than other $10 Bordeauxs I have tasted. Needed decanting badly, and tasted better the second day of tasting.
Rating: 85 $10.00

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