Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Off Day,.....

I finally got a day away from work where I just got done with a 4 day stretch of humping it in the ICU. Decided to get a massage to treat my horrible TMJ that has been aggravating me as of late. Couldn't help but notice some weird, stupid, and funny shit on my mini trip to north Austin. Massage appointment was at 10:30 in the morning, got out at 12:30 and drove down the road and found this little joint to eat at. I'm pretty sure the irony of the name of this restaurant was not lost by the owners. For those of you that don't know, Pho is pronounced "fuh", so Pho King sounds like a great place to go down on a bowl of noodles, yay!

I thought this place was pretty promising when seeing the parking lot entirely full. But after having a bowl of Pho and an avocado smoothie I felt more like I had been teased. Pho broth, when done well can be a magical substance, but Pho King's tasted more like a cheap trick. Just lacked flavor, plain and simple. But I ate it all and was filled. Had to go to HEB to grab a few groceries for a BBQ at the house later and noticed this car with vanity plates totally disrespecting this Mercedes. Someone loves Lou Bega and one hit wonders! The only thing I could think of was,....why?

At HEB, I grabbed some chicken thighs, tandoori paste, yogurt, green onions, pinto beans, salted pork, bacon, and pickled onions and jalapenos. Once at home I planned on grilling some USDA Prime sirloins and then chunking in some soaked cherry wood chips and smoking the tandoori chicken thighs. I had a few dove breasts left over from the other day of hunting and sandwiched them around a few pickled onion and jalapenos and wrapped them with bacon. And BBQ ain't BBQ without a pot of southern style pinto beans with corn bread. I'm very proud of my beans and have a very secretive recipe and technique in making the best pot of beans you ever had.

It was a nice relaxing day demonstrated best by the queen of the household:

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