Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Best Bangs for Your Buck Are Right Here

Wwwwoooowww!!! This is all I got to say about the last two cigars I just put down in the last couple of days. These cigars are so good I had to write about both of them in the same article. Lucky enough for the makers, or shall I say maker, is that both of these happen to be some of best priced cigars in the world for the quality. CAO is the brand, and the man behind it all is Tim Ozgener (seen below).

The two cigars he has struck the world with are the CAO La Traviata and CAO Brazilia cigars. The La Traviata was released last year and created a huge buzz among cigar smokers mainly because of the insane pricing of this spectacular cigar. And the Brazilia, which has been a staple among the CAO line, has become a legend for bringing much flavor for one's dollar as well as introducing smokers to Brazilian tobacco. One can acquire, in Central Texas, the CAO La Traviata for $3-$4, and the Brazilia for $5-$6.

The La Traviata happens to be one of the sexiest cigars to look at. The Ecuadorian Colorado-brown wrapper has a beautiful sheen and oiliness to it that makes you want to grab it right off the cigar shelf just by looks alone. Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers possess, within the cigar, the power factory of full bodied, creamy smoke, and earthy, cedary, pepperiness. La Traviata possesses one of the smoothest smokes for a full bodied cigar and doesn't hit you in the teeth with too much spiciness.

CAO's Brazilia on the other hand, can take some getting used to at first look. The very dark, almost blackish, wrapper from Brazil can almost intimidate the novice smoker, and make it seem as it could be very potent. The only thing potent about the cigar is the flavor that the wrapper brings to this mainly Nicaraguan cigar. Loads of toasty oak, floral, and nutty flavors swirl in the mouth with every puff. Toasty oak seems to be the dominating flavor in this cigar, almost reminiscent of the oakiness one gets when drinking bourbon, cognac, or brandy. The unique flavor the Brazilian wrapper delivers may not be to every smokers likes, but all smokers have to agree that this cigar brings a thunder of flavor. Congrats to Tim Ozgener for creating very good cigars at affordable prices and always keeping us on our toes for his newest releases.

Ratings: CAO LA Traviata Radiante (6x52)= 91+
CAO Brazilia Gol! (5x56)= 92

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